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I bought a set of the z560s in 2 days the base unit blew got a new set 1 week later they lasted 2 days the volume control went on that set got another new set lasted 3 days then the amp left right speaker output blew. Called Logitech they informed me that i could send them back to there shipping department and when they got the speakers in they would ship estimated time of arrival is 2 Months .They offerd no help either to let me to continue to use this set until the new set comes in or sooner replacment.
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  1. Have you tried emailing the tech support department using punctuation? I bet that would help a lot.
  2. You Think, well they cant tell punctuation over the phone and its not a 800 number.So it costs me .........
  3. When you do an RMA, John ... the way to get faster service is to offer (or better: <b>insist</b>) to place the new component cost on a credit card as a guarantee and/or collateral. Then, when the new part arrives, to <i>immediately</i> ship the old part back to the company in the same shipping carton. With a reputable company, as soon as the used component arrives, the charge will be removed from the credit card.

    This also gives you some leverage financially, because if the company does not send back a part, or if the charge is not removed within a reasonable length of time (say, 10 days), you can contact the credit card company (first by phone, and then in writing) and let <i>them</i> dispute the charge, instead of spending countless hours on the phone, or sending e-mail messages that might not be returned for several work days, if at all.

    Otherwise, you are stuck with sending in the old component first, and then waiting for the new part (or parts) to arrive, which is often considerably slower. And this does not give you much in the way of financial protection. In the meantime, not only do you <i>not</i> have the part, you can't even guess at when it might arrive. For instance, just because someone who answers the phone says the part will be shipped on XXXday, April XXth doesn't mean it will happen. After all, Tier 1 customer support is not the shipping department, and there will probably little or no verbal communication between the two divisions.

    Note: When doing RMA's directly through a manufacturer, inquire about the shipping costs. Many companies will either arrange all the shipping for you, in both directions (with parts that are still covered by a warranty) or perhaps even give you the company's current FedEx number which you can use for returning components.

    As for the speakers blowing up ... are you plugging them directly into a wall socket, or are you using a surge protector? Even good surge protectors should be replaced regularly, as the resistors become worn out with constant use, and eventually do more harm than good, because the user assumes that using the device provides decent protection from spikes. Good rule of thumb ... replace them once a year. And never plug any electrical component directly into a wall socket if you intend for it to last any length of time, or operate without errors.

    The reason I'm mentioning this is because I have a suspicion that you might be getting power surges that are damaging the speakers.


    P.S. Personally, I don't care if you use punctuation, but it does make deciphering an on-line post a little easier, if you catch my drift. And you'll usually get faster response on a forum if someone doesn't have to re-read a message three or four times to make some sense of it. Just FYI, good sir ... no offense intended.

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  4. Point taken. The first set of speakers blew the actual base speaker it still worked but rattled. The second set the volume control went, if you just touched it, you would hear bad static through the speakers. The third set just one of the four speaker outs from the amp has stopped putting out power to the speaker. I have tried all speakers on this one and it is the power out that has gone. As for the RMA it would make no difference because Logitech won’t have any Speakers to replace mine with for 2 months they are out of stock.Speakers are pluged into a psu and from there go to a 6 month old power bar then to the wall socket.
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  5. The thing I'm trying to figure out is how you cooked 3 sets of these speakers?
    Are you running them constantly at full volume or something?

    Hint... the "100watt" rating of these speakers is really a "Peak Effective Music Power" which is a nice way of saying "If you pull more than about 20 watts out of this you will destroy it"...

    Let me guess... the power supply is about 12 volts at an amp or an amp and a half... right? That would be 2.5 watts RMS per channel, at best.

    If you want speakers that will sustain constant hig volumes you need to get into a good quality home theatre system like a Panasonic amp with Klipsh speakers. There you will get a <i>real</i> 100 watts per channel and sound that will blow your socks off... but have your platinum Mastercard paid up first, they don't come cheap.

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  6. I did not cook 3 sets of Speakers. Only one set the first set blew the actual base speaker. The speakers are advertised as a 400 watt set of Speakers. The second set the volume control was bad right out of the box. The third set did not blow any speakers just the power out to the left rear speaker went. I’m 50 years old I bought the speakers because I thought a 400 watt set I could use at half volume for awhile with out doing any harm to the speakers.
  7. What's the voltage on the power supply? Probably 12... right?
    Take my word for it... those are not 400 watt speakers.

    Y'know what... you are right, they should be able to sustain half volume for a long time... but ask yourself just how much quality goes into a 400 watt speaker system you buy for under $1000?

    If I were you... I'd be getting a refund and taking my business elsewhere.

    --->It ain't better if it don't work<---
  8. I was looking at those speakers myself. Then i read a lot of people having their bass blow within a week of recieving them. Sorry to hear you had that problem. Now a peronal note, don't trust logitech speakers -_-

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    "I don't know, what kinds are there?"
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