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When I bought my computer a few months ago, I just slapped on some crappy COMPUSA brand 300w p/s. I can't believe that I waited this long to address this issue, but as I type, that powersupply is dying. So anyways, I'm getting a new Powersupply, finally, but I want to know what wattage would be appropriate for me. I was debating between an Antec 350w, and an Antec 400w, or an Antec TruePower 380 if necessary. Here are my system Specs:

AMD Athlon XP 2000+
Leadtek A250 (Geforce 4 Ti4400)
Western Digital 80 GB S.E.
COOLER MASTER HHC-001 (the CPU cooler)
Two case fans

So what do you think? Thanks for your time, and I hope you know a bit about powersupplies, because I dont want to spend more on a power supply that my system doesnt need.
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  1. Well a power supply you should never go cheap as it can be used for your next 3 or 4 systems with the new power hungry video cards .A 450 psu is ok i use startech power supplys there not cheap but they are good

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  2. I am using the Truepower 330 w/ my nforce 2 board, xp1700 @xp2200, 512mb ram, geforce 3, two HD, cd, sound card. A great supply w/ plenty of juice and very quiet
  3. i have read nothing but EXCELLENT reviews on the Antec Truepower. It was the BEST among enermax, thermaltake and some others on a test at occafe or somethin....
  4. Antec TruePower is an excellent choice but is an unnecessary expense. Check www.directron.com for their Fortron (Sparkle) power supplies, especially the 350W model, $38, which is made by the same company that produced one of the top-rated supplies in Tom's Hardware Guide's tests. Like the TruePowers, it's underrated by about 30%.

    CompUSA power supplies are made by at least two companies. I don't know who makes the chrome plated or aluminum ones, but the painted steel power supplies are by Powmax, a brand that scored low in Tom's tests, which found that its 500W Leadman sibling fell short by 74W, making it weaker than the 350W Fortron-made product. Some 400W+ Leadman/Powmax/Robanton supplies have underperformed 300W high quality supplies.
  5. Thanks everyone for your advice. The TruePower 330 is a bit out of my league (61.99 w/ shipping from newegg.com), but I have only read good things about it. The Fortron is what really got me though. Tom's Hardware guides rated a 350w Fortron FSP @ 380w, and Fortrons are cheap.

    So now heres the debate:
    Fortron FSP 350w vs. Antec TruePower 330w

    Id probably go with the Fortron, but what would you do? I havent heard much about Fortrons reputation as a power supply company, but I've heard of Antecs reliability.

    Also, is this the right Fortron?
    Because for 38.00 usd plus shipping, this PSU is the obvious choice.
    "Also recommended is the Fortron FSP. This model achieved a maximum output of 450 watts - and it was quiet." 450w out of a 350w psu?<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by MysticGohanX on 04/20/03 10:36 AM.</EM></FONT></P>
  6. Tom actually found that a 350W Fortron-made supply was capable of putting out 454W. Directron is a good dealer, and $38 is a very low price for a top quality 350W power supply, but a slightly different version, the FSP350-GU, seems to be available for $30 at www.logicalplus.com/hi35p4posu.html . Beware that not all Fortron-made power supplies have temperature controlled fans, even if they're labelled "Noise Killer," which sometimes refers only to the fan, not variable speed operation.
  7. NewEgg also sells Fortron PSUs. I have 3 of the 350W PSUs.

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  8. I have a TruePower 430 in my nforce2 box and it runs great. Never had a problem with it.
  9. I bought a XASER III with 7 fans? Would a 350 WATTS of PSU be sufficient? Here are the specs:

    P4 2.8 GHz
    ASUS P4C800
    1024MB DDR 3200
    ATI RADEON 9700

    The power supply is only 350watts, Would this be sufficient?
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