Wireless connection keeps disconnecting?

So, I'm connected to my router through wifi on my laptop and every 5-10 minutes I disconnect from my internet and I can't reconnect right away. I have to wait another 5-10 minutes for it to connect back. And I also can't connect the first time I start up my laptop. I need to wait 5 minutes before I can connect. How do I fix it?
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  1. This should help:

    1. Go to Control Panel
    2. Network Connections
    3. Right-click on the wireless connection and choose properties
    4. Click the Configuration button under Power Management "Allow the computer to Turn Off this device to save power" (make sure this is not selected).

    It could also be your drivers that need to be updated so a simple google search of the name for your laptop or wireless usb dongle with "drivers" should lead you to where you need to go. Just make sure to always download drivers from the manufacturer and not some third party site as they may be outdated or contain viruses.

    Good luck!
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