Windows 7 How to install email program?

how do i e-mail pictures?
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  1. hoggie1314 said:
    how do i e-mail pictures? of the easy email programs i used is this ..
    just put in your email name and server info and it a plan jane email program.
    you would just click on the attach button and attach your photo to your email and then hit send. if you dont want to install an email program there hotmail and gmail that are both free.
  2. There are generally THREE ways:

    1. Add as attachment, or
    2. Drag into the e-mail
    3. send as e-mail directly from a picture program such as Picasa or Faststone

    Your title also says "how to install email program"; you may wish to look at Microsoft Mail and compare to Thunderbird. Microsoft Mail works fine for me.

    You can choose which programs in this package you want. I only chose the mail program.

    *When you install the mail program, you will need to add your account which will require your username and password from your internet provider.
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