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Using an old HDD from laptop and brand new SSD with New Win7 OEM


I am working on putting together my first build. My question is specific to Windows. On the old HDD, which came from a dell laptop, already has windows installed on it. I know it will not work once it recognizes all of the hardware changes. I bought an OEM Windows 7 and a SSD. My plan is to install the OS onto the SSD as a boot drive.

- Will having the old OS on the HDD interfere with the new OS installation?

- OEM Windows 7 will tie itself to the new motherboard(so I have read). Does this mean that exact motherboard, if the motherboard fries, and I get a duplicate replacement(under warranty), will it recognize this and force me to repurchase the os? Same with the SSD, can I reinstall Windows onto it, if it gives out and is replaced(by warranty)?

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    Presuming you want to use the old HDD to store data, connect only the SSD initially and complete the Windows installation on that before connecting the old HDD. You can then remove the old Windows installation and access data already stored, or format the drive for future storage. The OEM version will indeed be locked to that Motherboard, but replacement with a like-for-like is permitted, and in many instances upgrades have been approved when activating Windows by telephone.
  2. The easiest way to avoid problems is to just plug in your DVD/Cd drive and SSD and install Windows. Then plug in your old hard drive and format it and you will be good to go.

    OEM Windows can be reinstalled if the motherboard dies and has to be replaced. If you have activation problems you can use the activate by phone method and it works fine. I have done it. The SSD will not matter.
  3. If the motherboard is an upgrade the OEM license isn't valid!
  4. Nope. But if it dies and has to be replaced with a slightly different model due to availability issues then phone activation will work.
  5. Well if the motherboard dies anytime soon, it will be replaced under warranty. I would assume that if for some reason they can't provide me the exact same motherboard, the one they do send would be reasonably similar.

    -Also, yes. Unplug the HDD. That seems incredibly obvious and logical now. Thanks for the advice!
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