Local area connection doesnt have a valid ip configuration

Hello guys,
today my desktop couldn't connect to the internet even i tried to restart my router and cable modem for about 5 times. I'm sure i have internet because my sister's laptop still able connect to the internet. When i check my connection, it said " Local Area Connection doesn't have a valid IP configuration. My desktop is using window 7 and i think it just did some update before i shut it down last night.
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  1. http://blog.mclaughlinsoftware.com/2009/11/26/windows-7-static-ip/

    U dont have to have a static ip address. U can also us the automatic settings (dhcp). But, either way this web site will get you up and running. good luck
  2. My IPv4 connectivity and IPv6 show no network access. show which ip number should i input in?
  3. If u choose the automatic settings, there s no need to input any numbers. But, you can choose your own static address, if you want to. However, you would need to access your router and see what range of ip addresses it will let you use. a common number would be something like this; Are u sure your ethernet cable is good? areu able to see anything on your network at all? router? By the way, your default gateway is the ip address of your router. Most routers use:, but yours could be diffrent. You wll ned to know this. Is it a Linksys router?

    Mine looks like this;

    ip address
    subnet mask
    default gateway
  4. make sure that your ipv4 is set to obtain ip address and dns automatically. you can disable ipv6. once that is done go to a command prompt and type IPCONFIG and post the output here so we can see what's going on.
  5. Here is the output

    autoconfiguration IPv4 address:
    subnet mask

    I tried to lock in my router but couldn't. The router i use is Dlink DIR-655
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