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Hi Forum,

I'm looking for some advice.

I just got a new Dell PC. But I'm not a big fan of partitioning drives. It came with a 2TB and I need all of it for video editing. That's why I put in another 500GB drive that I want my windows7 to run off of. (64bit)

Windows 7 was already installed so I don't have the disc. I want to reinstall windows 7 on the 500GB drive and make that my C: (primary-boot drive)

Do I have to re-wire/order the plugs of my drives to do this?

Is there anyway to reinstall it from the version I have on there already? I do have a windows 7 CD from another computer I can use.

Do I need to change the jumpers on the drives that I have?

Other advice I found was to unplug the C drive, then install W7 on the new drive which will default to C then plug in the old and format it.

All help is appreciated.

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  1. Your dell laptop should have come with a windows licence key (normally stuck to bottom of the laptop), use your windows7 install disc with the key on the bottom of the laptop and you should be able to install it with your laptops original licence key.
    fyi, the licence sticker on the bottom of the machine can rub off really easily, I've found that scotch tape on the licence key sticker help to preserve it (also it doesn't hurt to make a note of the licence key for future reference).
  2. It's also possible to clone your drive to the 500GB one. This way, everything is just moved to another drive.
  3. actually you can make the system restore disks yourself from your dell computer. there is a builtin tool to do that since they do not provide you the discs anymore. once you make the discs put the smaller 500g drive in sata0 and boot off the new restore discs you created. once its all completed and windows is running then you can plug the 2tb drive into sata1.
  4. If you clone the drive wouldn't you have a problem with the partition size being too big to fit on the smaller drive.
  5. If you don't have an installation disk, download ISO from here
    Save it to your desktop, double click the ISO icon & burn to DVD
  6. hairystuff said:
    If you clone the drive wouldn't you have a problem with the partition size being too big to fit on the smaller drive.

    no. parted magic or easeus partition manager will resize when they do it. or an image could be taken and restored with easeus Todo backup. don't need a sector by sector copy for this, which requires the full space.

    clean install, cloning, or via the recovery disk should all work. clean install will have the added advantage of getting rid of the bloatware
  7. thanks everyone. I'll let you know how it goes. great suggestions...and the scotch tape is on!
  8. I tried the recovery disc method multiple times with no luck. I ended up unpluggin the 2tb drive that came with it, plugged in my 500gb to the sata0 and booted off my old windows disc. (luckily I had it) Then plugged in my 2tb disc again. After rebooting I now have the option to boot with my (old) stock Dell Windows Home Premium or boot my new CLEAN install of windows 7. Don't really need the other OS but will likely kill it when I need the space.
    Thanks for all your suggestions ...ultimately I needed my disc. I've never had luck with recovery discs and images or clones.
    Maybe I'm not doing it right.
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