Qbasic for windows 7

Is there QBasic for Windows 7
if there the tell the website....
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  1. QBasic is dead. Has been since Visual Basic (YUCK! I'm more of a C#/C++/C/Java programmer) came out.

    You CAN download QBasic for DOS V1.1 from Microsoft at:

    Just extract it into a directory and then CD into it and type QBasic and there's the old QBasic IDE in all it's glory.

    Now, you CAN get free versions of the .NET developer tools. There is Visual Studio Express and these are not trial-ware and they are FREE for use at home and you can develop and distribute and sell your software with it. No license fees to Microsoft at all and they are VERY functional. I know with the Visual Web Developer edition, you cannot create your own DLL libraries. But, get the Visual Studio Express C# edition and you can create DLL projects.

    Go to to see all the non-Web building tools (Visual Studio Express C#, Visual Basic .NET, Visual C++).

    If you want them all, you can download an ISO to burn at

  2. Using windows Power shell then open and load the help files full screen doesn't work because of screen, window, pset, circle commands don't work.
  3. You probably have your answer by now but since there is no date on your question I'll try to provide some info.
    Go to http:\\ for FREEWARE which can provide what you want.
    This page is a graphic which will provide a download for QB64 as well as a wiki for documentation on its use.
    All of your qbasic code can be used but a few changes may be needed to each.
    The current level of qb64 is more like visual basic but being upward compatible from qbasic it still will run qbasic code.
    If you are trying to use it as a replacement for qbasic which I did recently you might note one major difference which
    can be gotten around. Qb64 compiles your code providing an exe and you run the exe. This means your program results
    will not be on the DOS screen from which you would have started the execution of the exe but rather in its own window.
    Also the use of SYSTEM to terminate the qbasic code will close the window, probably before you can see it. Thus you must
    do something like changing all SYSTEM commands to something like GOTO syst and placeing syst: near the end of the code.

    I went a little further and added a file print for all of my screen prints and then placed one SYSTEM command at the end.
    Then from the DOS window I used a batch file to both execute the exe and to print the screen print file created by the exe.
    This makes QB64 perform identical to qbasic for DOS.

    QB64 does have its IDE or its windowed editor from which you can compile and execute but what most DOS users
    will use is the line command QB64 -c filename.bas to create filename.exe. QB64 is peculiar in that it will only compile .bas
    files and the .DLL files must all be available in the directory for both compiling and running the resulting exe. The problem with
    the .DLL files for execution can be solved by copying then to the system32 folder as the documentation suggests. I chose to
    compile only one filename STANDARD.BAS giving STANDARD.EXE, I copy in the file to be compiled and move out the exe and
    rename it.

    hope this helps
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