Wireless D/L Speed Fast One Laptop Slow Other?

Hello all,

Have been searching for days trying to figure my problem but can't find the solution.

ISP provides us with 20 mb/s download speed. Both Toshiba laptops used to be able to attain this but after reinstalling windows xp on this laptop, it can only achieve 8mb/s. The other laptop will get 20 mb/s whether connected wired or wireless. For the life of me cannot figure what has changed. I have installed all windows updates including SP3 and updated all drivers via Toshiba website. It uses the Intel 3945b/g network card and the router is a motorola sbg 6580.

Here is what I have done so far:
Connecting wired will achieve 20mb/s so it has something to do with the wireless setup.
Have tried connecting to router with WPA, WPA2, and no encryption but makes no difference.
Testing right beside the router or 30ft away makes no difference.
Have uninstalled/reinstalled network card but made no difference

Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thank you
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  1. You don't say that you have updated the driver for the Intel 3945b/g card. I would definitely update to the latest driver, but don't rely on Windows XP to do that for you. Download the latest driver directly from the Intel web site.
  2. To double check I went to the Intel website ran their driver update utility. It found my 3945 card and said the driver installed is current
  3. TTT
  4. I have tried running the speed test using a different browser.
    I also ran a speed test while running in safe mode
    No luck
  5. Never mind. Solved it
  6. Teamsasky said:
    Never mind. Solved it

    Please let us know what the fix was...(perhaps IP stack or replaced card)

    Many thanks,

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