Windows Starup Repair keeps coming up..

I just installed windows onto my system along side another drive which I have had a long time. The new drive (used) is much larger at 320GB. It worked ok until I tried to put in the windows updates. all the "critical" updates. Now the system won't start at all. Everytime start up repair attempts to fix it there is an error. I tried using system restore, and it could not successfully complete. Is there a way to repair this from my working hard drive? (the one I'm using right now) What has caused windows to not start?
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  1. sounds like your new (used) hard disk is defective...
  2. If it was defective, why would windows start several times and allow me to add some programs?
  3. if you can boot into recovery mode via the windows CD and run chkdsk /r and sfc /now

    honesty I'd probably just run chkdsk and see if the drive is faulty, and if not reinstall windows. its possible you down while it was doing updates
  4. I'm running chkdsk from my good drive on the larger drive
  5. If you just installed on it there's no point in wasting time to repair the new installation. Run harddrive diagnostics such as Seatools or WDtools, and do a new fresh install if everything checks out.
  6. Crystaldisk is also a great quick check on the health status of your hard drives.
  7. I ran the Western Digital program Datalifeguard Diagnostics and it came back fine. I hate this stuff. Why doesn't windows just work properly? I think the updates (critical) messed it up. Should I just not install the "critical"windows updates???
  8. Make sure to use the manufacturer's drivers and not the generic Windows ones. This may be what was updated by Windows to brick the install.
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