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Okay - I have been suffering with a problem on my Alienware Aurora R3 where the mouse will intermittently freeze, stutter, zip across the screen. Sometimes the issue lasts up to 5-7 seconds. It's excruciating!

I have wiped the system and reinstalled Windows 7, but the issue actually got worse. I've updated all drivers from the manufacture, so they are the very latest drivers. I've scanned for malware, etc. Nothing found.

I ran a DPC interrupt monitor -- no issues. I've run perfmon, procmon, process explorer, defrag, chkdsk, a disk I/O monitor utility. All showing nothing!

I've swapped out mice, swapped USB ports, eliminated a hub I was using.. Uninstalled all antivirus, disabled windows search indexing, turned off USB sleep mode, cleaned the registry, turned off all startup programs -- all to no avail!

Is there anything left I can do? This is driving me crazy.

Specs: Intel core i7 2300, 6GB RAM, Dual 1GB Nvidia GT545, 1TB RAID Array made of two Western Digital 500GB drives powered by Jmicron raid controller.
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  1. I think I've figured it out! Process explorer finally showed a CPU spike the last time it happened. I didn't realize Windows Defender was enabled and running. I disabled it and I haven't seen the issue yet. I'm still monitoring to be 100% sure the problem is solved. I'll update if it is still an issue..
  2. Hi :)

    If Defender is running at 100% check for a virus as I suspect it thinks you have one....what anti virus are you running ?

    All the best Brett :)
  3. Had the same problem with a dell studio 1735, i have returned it to dell repair, after they send it back, i used it as normal and then the same problem, i ask to dell to send me the 1737 and i was willing to pay the difference but due to the inconveniences caused, they did it at no cost.

    In my case were mobo issues related.
  4. Brett - I was running AVG, but disabled it for troubleshooting. Numerous antimalware / virus scans were conducted with no results (hijackthis, malwarebytes, avg, avast, etc.). I did a complete wipe - reinstall of Windows was performed ans it happened again immediately after. Disabling Windows defender minimized the issue to barely noticeable, but it still happens now once and a great while.
  5. By the way - the issue here has been ultimately resolved. The wifi card and wireless mice were all conflicting on the overly crowded 2.4 ghz spectrum space. I was finally able to reliably reproduce the issue by transferring a large (1.6GB) file from one place to the other. This explained its intermittence. I put dd-wrt on an old wifi router I had laying around and set it up as a client bridge to my main wifi router. Then hardwired all the computers directly to the client-bridge. Problem solved.
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