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I was planning to build a new machine with new and old parts and build my brother a new machine with my old Mboard/VISTA and parts I no longer need. I bought WIN7 OEM PRO and new HD so far. Now he says he can't afford an new PC for a couple months. I am not going to buy the rest of my new PC until he is ready but I really don't want to wait to take advantage of my new OS and HD. I know OEM is only supposed to go on one PC. In my view half the parts will be the same PC when I am done upgrading. I have understood windows to treat a new motherboard as a new PC. Will I run into trouble reactivating my OEM WIN 7 when I complete my upgrade (switching CPU MB RAM)? Do I need to refrain from in installing it on my existing PC? I seem to recall a similar situation when I bought Vista. I found that my existing PC was not suited for it so I went back to XP until I switched to a beefier CPU/MB. But, I am thinking I never used VISTA long enough to need to activate it on the old system.
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    You probably will run into an issue when trying to activate it. Chances are that you'll have to call MS and give them the scoop. If they like it, they'll give you the proper activation code.
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