Mouse+Keyboard wont work after reboot?

Hello, the other day I was setting my BIOS to high performance settings (which it is always set at and works fine). To my suprise, it would not boot up. Whenever I heard the computer it would make a loud beeping noise every 2-3 seconds. Obviously something must not be plugged in wrong or something similar. Everything was fine. I decided to reset the CMOS (remove battery then put back in). I did that and everything booted up normally. One problem, whenever I restart my computer the mouse and keyboard are not activated. I have to restart again for them to work. This is very annoying especially when installing new software and having to restart twice. Also, when I do restart, the lights and such go on and off like normal, but when it gets to the "choose login" for XP, they just don't work at all and the lights are off.

Hopefully one of you guys have had this problem, thank you.
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  1. anyone?
  2. USB

    or PS2

    the USB suport may be turned off, i have had problems when i switched from a USB to PS2 keyoard, where the mouse stopped working.

    also there is a setting in BIOS i think. it was the safety one where it loads the minimum. well it stoped all my stuff from working.


    p.s. try setting the settings yourself rather than choosing a premade setup
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