online US store that ships worldwide? know any?

onle found acouple how seem to ship worldwide but are more hassle than they are worth.. by worldwide i mean New Zealand ..

if you know any please post..
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  1. I think has international sales. They are not thought of as a computer store but they often sale Microsoft Optical mice Linksys networking gear, and many other items at a very good price.
  2. Hmm, the problem, is that they add tax to the shiping.
    After all calculation it is better to try to find a shop somwhere near. Shiping cost+tax add to the price more than they charge in local shops.
    And for big things like monitors I prefer to see it before buying, and if u get a faulty unit.. U have to ship it back.
    So sometimes u loose more money & time if u order items from a distant place (my own experience.. lol)

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