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I know that it's possible because I know my profile and files at work are on server somewhere allowing you to login at any machine. Is it difficult to configure all user's profile and folders (Documents Pictures ect.) to be created on another drive or partition? I know I can just create new folders with these name and store my files on another drive ( that's what I have done for years). This means I have to ignore the folders designed for my account. Even doing it this way programs by default drop stuff in the default folders. I want to create a lean C: drive. I assume this is a registry edit. I am getting ready to clean install WIN7 PRO. If this is possible can anyone tell me how?
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  1. Right click on the my documents on your desktop or in your start bar, go to properties and then point it somewhere. Windows 7 is different it's more that you assign a new place to go in more or less the same way and then delete the original path.
  2. At my place of work, we have a group policy do this... users have a local copy of the My Documents folder and that is automatically synchronized with an auto-created user share on our server. When we setup a new user and they log in for the first time the share is created right then. It works MOSTLY seamlessly... mostly.
  3. I was finally able to give this a try and worked easily. Having done it, I realize it's exactly what I wanted to do. Is it possible to point specific folders to different folders on your computer? I want the Images, music, video, ect. to point to folders (with the same name) on another drive. I keep all of these files elsewhere and the folders for my account always sit empty. It would be nice if these folders (including the shortcuts on the right side of the start menu pointed to where I keep these files.
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