Which DVD-ROM is good

I would like to buy a new DVD-ROM. I am now considering Liteon, Asus, Artec. Which one is reliable and excellent compatibility in reading disc?

Thank you for yr suggestions.
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  1. Liteon has a good reputation for quality, affordable drives. Mine works great.

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  2. I have good experience with LiteOn too. It's a great drive for DAE and DVD movies playback.
  3. Yes, the Liteon (LTD\XJ HD 166s) is great and superfast for audio\DVD extraction. However I have a little quirk with it, for CD reading this drive is super noisy, this is not a problem for most tasks, but if you use MP3 CDs in your PC it's a problem as it always keeps CD reading speeds very high; if you are not in front of your PC or hear very loud music it's ok, but if you're close and want to hear something like Billie Holiday, you'll go back to your older CD-ROM. One other thing, this drive tends to get very very hot with CD's, even my other drive that is below it ends up very hot. And good luck finding support from the actual company.

  4. Lite-On is good but I don't have one. Mine is Asus DVD-E616, which is good. Though it's RCP2 protected but I don't need any region killer software but simply hold down the two buttons durng POST then I can reset the region code, both software and hardware. Still I support Lite-ON, go for it.

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  5. I like my sony DVD, it's cheap and quiet.
  6. For quality, style, ease of use and region free firmware I would go for the slot loading Pioneer DVD106 every time.

    Doesn't sound like an aircraft taking off either when in high speed mode + has good DAE performance.

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  7. hi, i had a liteon and its s**t , Most my cd's doesnot work on it . iam not the only guy having the problem many of my friends have it too.
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