best CD-R?

i just bought a mp3/cd player recently and my friend has a burner, is there any brand of cd-r that i should especially look for for stability/value for money etc?

thank you
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  1. CD-R's made by any reputable companies should be fine for mp3/cd playback. Just make sure your player can recognize CD-R discs. BTW, <A HREF="" target="_new">this site</A> has tested various brands of CD-R's which I hope you find it helpful.
  2. For quality go with FujiFilm or ones Made in Japan. Those discs are usually made by Taiyo Yuden.

    For music cds (not mp3), I find that the blues discs work good for me.

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  3. im a verbatim or tdk man myself. i dont mess around with the cheap ones anymore, i had several bubble up in my car. and they are just not widely compatible.

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