Upgrading memory on a Dell - needs help

I just bought a Dell Dimension 4550 P-4 2.53GHz 533FSB. It comes with 128MB DDR333 and I want to replace it with 512MB DDR333.
Here's where I'm lost, I thought any 512MB DDR333 will do but while looking for memory I encountered that there is a 'special' mem for the Dell 4550. (see:
There's a similar mention on kingston.com. I wrote Kingston but got no answer yet.
Is this for real? Does it mean that I must use this memory or can I use any DDR333? If not than why is this mem deemed 'special for Dell 4550'?
Now I'm afraid maybe other stuff like HDD and PCI cards I'll have to buy only special for Dell. I don't even know what motherboard Dell uses, I think it's something Intel is making specifically for Dell. Any thoughts?
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  1. why not just buy it from dell that way you know it's the right stuff besides it is cheaper at dell then the link you posted
  2. The idea is that I want to use Corsair CL2.0 and not the Kingston that is 'special for Dell', but I don't know if it'll work with the Corsair.
  3. People might flame you for buying a Dell, so get ready...J/K

    If you went to talk to tech support, I would think that Dell would "recommend" you to buy Dell. I don't think they will say whether or not Corsair would work with the Dell, cause those bastards just want to make money.
  4. also, why do you want CL2.0??? I think Dell makes their own SUCKY BIOS, so I don't think the Dell bios lets you set mem. timings.
  5. I don't know about DDR, but for RD the dell system only supports non-ECC so maybe look into that. then get dells part# and compare it to simular systems if it matches one go see if kingston or whoever you choose offers mem for that model. if you really want to use up some spare time get the manufacturer part# and try to find out who is making the mem for dell.
  6. Check the delltalk forum.

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