Need a new W-lan card for Streaming/Gaming!

Hello, this is my first time at this forum so hello :)

I got a pretty big problem! I am currently ussing some shitty wlan card and im in need of a new one! however a few problems are causing me to not be able to choose!

First of all I want to be able to stream and upload to YT at a decent speed so my Upload speed plays a pretty big role! Because of where i live glasvibre isnt a option so im stuck at 40 mbps down and 4 mbps up! wich is enough for streaming in 720p.

Unfurtunaly i only get 16 mbps down and 870 kbps up :(

My router is chilling one floor beneath me it is a FRITZ!Box 7360

So my question is what W-Lan card do you guys reccomend it can be a pci or a pcie it doesnt matter! just give me the most perfomance possible!

tnx in regard!
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  1. it is hard to recommend a wifi card because a lot depends on the environment.
    here are two of the card I used; however, you might have to invest in some antennas that allow for more dBi (5dBi+).
  2. tnx for the reply i really like that rosewill card :) might give it a shot! Also i dont rly understand the whole antenna thing so im going to look that up :) tnx!
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