I have Mozilla firefox 9 and Windows 7

Everything was fine until yesterday,while watching a video,when I went to switch to pt 2 the screen went blank! I was not getting videos anywhere! Not even commercial videos! So I did a system restore,which usually works,and it did! until I went to watch part 4 of the video! it did it again! this time system restore didnt work! I uninstalled and reinstalled adobe flash player and mozilla firefox! nothing has worked! But I can watch videos on internet explorer.But I love Moziila! Can anyone help me!!
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  1. First thing I'd do is upgrade Firefox 9 to 13.
  2. I already did that and it didnt work at all! It kept freezing up and I couldnt do anything with it so I uninstalled it and went back to 9! It froze up so badly that I could hardly get past the welcome page!! So far 9 is working like a charm! What else?
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