My wifi keeps cutting out on my pc

Ever since i put my PC down in my room my WiFi keeps getting disconnected. I still have 4-5 bars but no internet. Its a Wintec FileMate PCI. Its getting very frustrating! My router is a NetGear WNDR3400v2. When i use network troubleshoot it says that it fixed "no default gateway" but then it goes back out again. It goes out every 30-45 minutes for like 3-7 minutes. I set sleep-mode off. I really don't know what to do. My Ipod touch gets 2 bars and never goes out. Any help would be very much appreciated
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    Try changing the wireless channel in your router's configuration manager utility.
  2. It was on auto. Ill change it to 4 or 6 cause that's what happened to some other people. Ill check back later if it cuts out again. Thanks for replying.

    Edit: I think that was it, it hasn't gone out yet. Thanks for helping. I was going to go out and get a different wifi adapter.
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