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Is this upgrade to 7 possible from OEM XP?

So, I've got an OEM version of XP from a previous computer whose mobo died. I'm able to get a good deal on an upgrade version of 7 Pro, but after plowing through a lot of licensing info, I'm still not clear on whether this would work or not.

I understand that the OEM install is tied to the original mobo. But, from what I've read, when upgrading from a previous version of windows to 7, you are basically giving up the use of the previous one for 7.

So, my question is (and bear with me on this one): If I were to install the OEM in a new system, would it be compatible with an upgrade pack to 7 Pro? (Keeping in mind the fact that I would be "giving up" the use of the OEM in favour of 7, so the OEM would never actually get used except as a redeeming code for the upgrade pack)

Does this actually make sense to anyone else? I don't want to use the OEM in the new system, just use it to get the upgrade pack to 7, then stick with that OS.
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    dont install the old windows. simply install the windows 7 upgrade on the brand new system. do not connect to the internet. Once the installation is completed, put the windows 7 upgrade disc in the drive while windows is running, and run the upgrade procedure again. once it is completed you can activate your windows with microsoft.
  2. I've never used an upgrade before. I thought during the installation it would require/detect a previous version in order to complete it?

    So if I do the install of the upgrade, keeping the system offline, do you mean to just re-install the upgrade, and it would somehow count itself as the previous version? Then use the OEM key to activate?

    Sorry just a bit confused :)
  3. yep that is correct.
  4. Fantastic. Thanks a million.
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  6. Hi :)

    Its also NOT LEGAL....

    AND there is NO upgrade path from XP to 7 (unless you upgrade to Vista first)

    All the best Brett :)
  7. Plus 1 ^
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