Ran NewSid On Windows7, Afraid it will crash on reboot

Hi. I ran NewSID, a program that changes your SID with out any knowledge that it wasn't compatible with Windows7. After It ran for more then 4 hours, I became suspicious and after some googling found out that on reboot it will crash your whole OS. Since I still didn't reboot, Is there any hope for me still being able to revert things back to normal without any problem?

I didn't backup my original SID, and couldn't find a Windows 7 one online. I guess since the program isn't compatible with Windows7 it won't generate Windows 7 SID, so i'm stuck. I'm running Windows 7 Ult. 64-bit, and i have another computer downstairs that's Windows7 Ult. 32-bit. Can i use that one or does it have to be a 64bit also?

Could someone please help me out though this?

P.S. If i get a hold of a Windows7 Ult. 64bit SID, would that ultimately fix my problem?
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  1. you should probably do some reading on the SID. why anyone would mess with it I can't imagine.

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