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Hey guys,

I just recently got broadband connection. In the beginning, we were sharing this internet connection between 3 laptops by creating ad-hoc network, all having OS windows 7. In starting, while creating ad-hoc network, one option was coming that Turn on internet connection sharing. But later, it disappear. This thing happen with all 3 laptops.

So i started, sharing connection by doing setting manually (selecting option allow internet connection sharing from control pannel->change adapter setting->property). But still not able to do so.

I also went through Connectify software, but it was not working all the time.

Plz guys help me that how can i share my internet connection through wifi(not in condition to purchase router :kaola: ) without installing any additional software ??
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  1. Not sure why you're having all these problems. Frankly, you've pretty much exhausted the most common options that anyone here would typicall offer (ICS, Connectify, and best of all, a wireless router).

    I hope it's not cost that prevents you from using a wireless router as they are dirt cheap these days, esp. if you just need a basic one, nothing fancy. I've seen them for as little as $15-20 USD. Even a thrift store might have one for $5 or less.

    Anyway, rather than finding yet another way, you need to determine why all the problems w/ those you’ve already tried, because ppl use these methods all the time, and with good success.
  2. Thanks yaar...

    I was looking for solution from 2 days, and was pretty frustrated seeing that common things were not working for me. So as a temporary solution, i have formatted my lapi :lol: and now able to share internet connection. But still, wont stop until i find solution.
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