How do I get a reboot disk of Windows 7 for my HP laptop?

Windows 7 will not boot on my HP Laptop G56. The HP logo come on when powered on and then there is just a blank screen with the cursor. I did the diagnostics for the HP side at boot-up and it informs me everything is OK with the hardware. How do I get a reboot disk for Windows 7 since they are not given with computers like in the past.
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  1. you either have to order one, or had created them when it was functional before hand. or ask microsoft and explain the possible situation.
  2. there is a button. I believe f11. you push to do a factory restore. you were supposed to make the restore disks when you set up your laptop. if you failed to do so you will have to order them from hps support site

    get a oem iso image no hp bloat and use your product key attached to the base of the laptop (100% legal its the licence/key you paid for not the 5c disc)

    note you will have to get drivers for your laptop
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