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Making system...
Athlon, 2000XP and up.

For, games and photoshop - under Win Xp

512MB or 1GB as a future investment?
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  1. You don't need more than 512MB under WinXP but if you want it for the future it isn't a bad investment. I have an XP2100+ with 512MB of DDR333 and I am doing similar applications to what you are doing. I can use PS7 on this laptop and it only has a PIII-M 650MHz and 128MB of PC100 under Win98.

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  2. When in doubt, you should pretty much always get more, as an investment in the future. Power, memory, HD, etc.

    That is, as long as you're not under real tight budget constraints or something (Don't bounce a check over a $50 difference in memory)

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  3. If I was building a money-is-no-object system, I would have a gig of RAM, just make it a little more future-proof. However, if I was on any sort of budget, I wouldn't buy the extra 512 meg in lieu of any other components. I would start with 512 megs and make sure everything else in my system is up-to-snuff before I'd buy any more RAM.

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