Need advice regarding extending WIFI network (picture included)

My computer and connection is Shaw and in an office in corner upper floor. I have Shaws Cisco Wireless Modem. I operate a desktop and wireless laptop computer in the office. I have a Samsung HDMI Blu-Ray TV and DVD Player in 2 of my bedrooms upstairs (they work great on the internet connection.
I have a big screen Sharp Aquos TV & Samsung Blu-Ray DVD player in downstairs rec-room, also a samsung Bluray DVD player and TV in each of the 2 bedrooms in the downstairs.
My problem that I can not solve is, all the equipement downstairs is not able to pick up the internet connection upstairs. It shows the wireless network, but it shows that it has no bars for connection and is not receiving the signal. My floors have tile on them, so Will a Wifi Range extender work and how big of a range should I get.
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  1. You can either use a wireless repeater, or some other bridging technology such as powerline or MoCA (coax).

    For wireless repeaters, it's primarily about placement. It may need to be in a stairwell, or near the top or bottom of the stairs. Difficult to give hard and fast rules since each home/office has its own challenges. You just need to try it and find out.

    Powerline and MoCA offer the option to use the other wiring in your home/office as an ethernet network. And then use wire from those adapters to your devices, or to additional “localized” wireless APs.
  2. I bought a wifi extender which they said you just plug it into the wall and it does the connection for you. My brain is fried trying to make it work........
  3. If it's the kind of device I'm thinking of, you plug it into a wall outlet and it connects to your wireless router as a client. It then repeats that wireless signal with its own wireless AP. But you still have to configure it since only YOU know the SSID, wireless security type (e.g., WPA/WPA2), and key. Did you do that?
  4. I tried connecting it to my shaw wireless with the earthnet cable and went onto the desktop computer to see if it would recognize it, but it did not recognize any new device........So....I am going to give it a rest until tomorrow, otherwise I could end up throwing it out the window, or biteing someones head off. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.
  5. What range extender did you buy?
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