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I have a Toshiba laptop with windows 7 home premium. When I try to burn a dvd, either I get "there has been an error burning this disc" and it doesn't burn it or it tells me that the disc has been burned successfully but when I try to play it on my dvd player, I get "unsupported format". What can I do?
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  1. What program are you using to burn the DVDs?
    It could either be a DVD writer gone bad or then it's dummy writing. Check the burning options, try a few other programs like creating a DVD image using Nero and burning it with Magic ISO or something like that , if it still doesn't work , then you can be sure that the Writer has gone bad and you need a new one.
    Or if a good technician is at hand you can get the laser re-calibrated.
  2. Thank you, alyoshka, for responding to my post. Unfortunately, my knowledge of computer technology is extremely limited, so I didn't understand half of what you said. (Sorry) You asked what program I'm using to burn the dvds - I'm not using a downloaded program to burn dvds, my laptop has a built-in disc burner. When I put a dvd into my sliding door & close it, a window asks me how I want to burn it & I click on cd/dvd. Then, it tells me to add the files that I want to burn, so I go to the folder where I keep my movies & clips, & I copy what I want to burn & paste it. After they have finished loading, I click on "burn disc", & a blue line goes from left to right indicating how much is completed. When it hits 100%, it tells me to wait while it finishes burning the disc. Then, sometimes, it tells me that "there has been an error burning the disc" & when I put the disc into the dvd player, there's nothing on it. When it says that the disc has been burned successfully, I put it into my dvd player & one of three things happens - #1) It plays the video properly but the audio is 6-8 seconds behind it; #2) My dvd player tells me, "unsupported format" & won't play anything; #3) My dvd player lists all the movies or clips I have burned to the disc, but when I click on any one of them, I'm told, "unsupported format". You mentioned that perhaps my "dvd writer" has gone bad - This is the first time that I've ever tried to use it, so it couldn't be bad from overuse. How do I check it to see if it's working properly? What did you mean by "burning options"? The only option my burner gives me is to name the disc & what speed (2x, 4x, 8x). I don't know what "Nero" or "Magic ISO" are - could you please explain? ....... Thank you for taking the time to respond to my post & I hope you will try to help me once again. Please keep in mind that when you explain something to me, you will have to explain it like you're talking to a child, because my knowledge is extremely limited. (Sorry) Hoping to hear from you ............. P.S. - In case this information might be of some help, I'm using Memorex dvd+R; My laptop is a Toshiba; My dvd player is a Haier HEC HDMI; I have converted clips to different formats (avi, mpeg4, etc.), but get the same result. Once again, thank you for your time .....................
  3. Ok, you're using the Windows Built in burner. :(
    Nero is a program that must be the most widely used for CD/DVD burning. So is Magic ISO.
    When you convert clips from XYZ formats to ABC formats, you must make sure that ABC formats are compatible with your player.
    It's is better to convert the whole set of clips or movies into a DVD Video Disc.
    These options should be available in Windows Movie Maker, that is a program available within windows itself.
    Those DVDs that you burn would be compatible with your DVD player.
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