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hi...i have a tv tuner in my pc.i was just wondering if there is anyway i can use the tv tuner card (watch tv) on another computer that is hooked up via network?
i'm hoping there is a simple solution that could help me...thanks
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  1. Use some software like PcAnywhere or RealVNC to control the computer with the tuner. Problem is the amount of data that needs to come across the network to even make it look good. Of course I do this only because I didn't get a tuner with a remote control. I think I just need to get a tv.


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  2. Yeah we do the same thing at work (heck we send Video from Calgary to Edmonton [~200miles], but then again I work for the phone company and we are using high-fibre OC3/T3 connections) so people in other departments can watch DVD/VCDs during the midnight shifts. Your biggest issue will be quality/bandwith, but if it's a direct ethernet connection at 100mb/s (really ~70) it should be ok.
    I've never tried it at home, but I've been interested in doing it for remote access to my cable from work (to watch Formula 1 races, Saturday Night Live and cable stuff), hopefully being able to change channels on the ATI tuner. And thanks to remote using XP-pro this may be easier. Let us know how it goes.
    Actually come to think of it it would be handy for watching TV on the Sylistic on the Patio.

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  3. hi thanks for the advice about the tv tuner and network....well what happened is that i got RealVNC and can see the other computer fine but whenever i open the tv player software all i see is a purple block where there is supposed to be the tv playing...and when i check on the computer with tv tuner card, the software is playing the tv fine. know any ways i could fix this?
  4. Which tuner card are you using? You may have to set it to import the video stream using another program. I know that ATI uses some kind of window applet, when I tried to record a screen-capture without using the ATI application built into media center it did the same thing capturing a blue blank screen. It's not actually being displayed on the desktop on the first layer, it's like photoshop and appearing in it's own window that is being overlayed (if that's a word) ontop of the window. You can't record that overlay, and I guess you can't stream it either. I would check in the instructions that came with the card. Which TV tuner are you using again? You may need to view it using the import features of another program that doesn't create this 'layer'.
    I'm not sure how to get around, this but I will see if I can find anything, as we don't have that problem when streaming VCD's and DVD's. I'll let you know what I find.

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  5. i'm using a ATI-TV ISA. more specifically the ati mach 64 RAGE II/II+. do you have any way so that i can avoid seeing that purple screen? one of my friends told me that purhaps RealVNC does not support video. if so do you know any other VNC program that does?
  6. It's true, RealVNC doesn't stream video. I don't know of any others that do.

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  7. Ok I'm still not sure about the work-around for the ATI card, but a friend of mine from the University told me of a program he uses. SnapStream, I found their website it meantions something about ATI issues as well. I'll look into it more and get back to you.

    Here's the link: <A HREF="" target="_new">[SnapStream]</A>

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  8. SnapStream works really well but like greatgrapeape says I think it mentions something about an ATi issue specifically.

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  9. Im pretty sure the MSI TvAnywhere tuner card will allow you to watch tv remotely.
  10. the issue with ATI cards is that from what I understand of thier technology is that the TV stream is not sent to the video memory, it is directly sent to the monitor. The application just directs the stream to show on which pixels. This woould mean that you couldn't do a capture of it no matter what program was used because most capture programs take a snapshot of video memory. To be able to capture a still or a video off of the TV tuner, you'd have to connect to the capture drivers provided by the manufacturer (ATI in this case).


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  11. Why not use M$ Windows Media Encoder to transmit TV program! And it can even make broadcasting.
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