ANYBODY KNOWS HOW TO FIX DVD DRIVER PROBLEM? my DVD DRIVER is not working , Recently , I hav repairs BLUESCREEN by Disable the DVD DRIVE , after that , I enable back the DVD driver , but DVD It's not working! THE DVD BURNER ROLLING HALF IN THREE TIMES , THE IT'S STOP , the CD can't detect! I hav try some tips to FIX it , but it's working for a moment , after I shut down the computer BACK , the problem is COME AGAIN! , HOW TO FIX IT? I CAN'T DELETE THE FILES IN REGEDIT , CUZ ONLY 1 FILES ARE SHOW IN THE PANE is UpperFilters , THE LOWER FILTERS IS UNAVAILABLE .." BUT THE DVD DRIVER IS WORKING ON THE MORNING I CAN INSTALL 1 GAMES ONLY , THEN I TRY TO PUT OTHER DVD ON 2ND TIMES , ITS ROLLING HALF FOR THREE TIMES , AND IT WILL STOP..
Anybody can teach me how and what the problem ?
I'm Needy ='(
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  1. have you tried replacing the optical drive?
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    Check data cable and also clean dvd drive with lance dvd cleaner.
  3. i dont know the problem , is that optical problem? or hardware problem? i ever change the region setting on properties , the code is region 3 , is tht the problem? it will work on morning for 1 times
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