Transfer files from xp desk to to wifi win7 desktop

I want to transfer my pictures and other files from my xp desktop to my wifi Windows7 desktop.

Any ideas please / thank yu
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  1. SR-71 Blackbird - Thank you very much. This is the best information I have ever had on this.
    I do not have a mouse just the mouse pad on the new computer.

    I am hoping to get just a few things on the new computer and leave a lot of things on the old one.

    Thank you again

    I may have to come back with more questions in the future
  2. Your welcome.
  3. Hi I thought I aready gave you a gol star for the best answer. Now I have a lot more to do. I;ll be sure to let you know what I need next
  4. No best answer was selected because it's not highlighted.
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