Do I need a new PSU?


My computer's current PSU is a 'Powerman', with the following specifications labeled :
AC Input; 115/230v, 10/15A, 60/50hz
DC Output; 235v
Fuse Rating; 6.3A, 250v-(+3.3v & 5v = 124w MAX)

I'm not exactly sure which of those determines the watts, so... :P (Sorry for being psu-illiterate. :P) Here is a complete list of my computer's components and parts :

Mobo : ASUS P3B-F (
Procs: Pentium III 600mhz (Running at 601. ;D)
RAM : 2x 64MB (Generic?) SDRAM, 1x 128MB Crucial SDRAM (All at PC-100)

Other Devices :
geforce2 MX 32MB MX400 'Gladiac', from Elsa.
Western Digital Caviar 10GB
Maxtor 60GB
Generic NEC Floppy Disk
Diamond 56k v.90 Modem
(Pioneer?) DVD ROM
Plexwriter 12/10/32A CDRW
Netgear FA311 Ethernet PCI Adapter
Promise Ultra133 TX2 IDE Controller (Holding Maxtor 60gb hdd)
Sound Blaster Live!

That's about it... I think. ;P The computer works fine, runs at around 40-50 degrees celsius (According to Asus PC Probe anyway.), and is able to run non stop for at least 4-6 days without crashing. I'm thinking of adding another stick of 64MB SD RAM (Also PC-100), and replacing my geforce2MX with a geforce3. Should I bother changing my PSU after those upgrades? If so, what should the minimum watt I should follow?

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  1. that "dc output" you listed is most likely the wattage - check it again. but that should be fine, the system won't pull too much current - but if you do decide to upgrade the CPU I would definitely upgrade PSU's (to a 300W)


    Heheheh, and you thought I was done</b>
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