Do i need a sound card to have sound from ccomputer speakers?

i am having an error with my speakers, it says no audio device is installed, i have visited alot of these forums but no real solution, i did direct X diagnostice tool test and it says i have no sound card installed...i really need help with this i have been at this for weeks. PLEASE HELP ME
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  1. Please tell us aboutyour PC or we won't be able to help...Model? Manufacturer?
  2. you surely do need an UP-TO-DATE sound card to play music and all that stuff!!!
    perhaps if u give a bit of system specs we may know that you have it or not and we may suggest a driver for it if you don't have it....
  3. If you have onboard audio then nope no need (unless you are running 200 dollar speakers but meh)

    Make sure you have 'em hooked in correctly.
  4. Did you install the audio drivers for your motherboard?
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