Memory for Giga-Byte GA8-SQ800

I've recently begun building a new PC and piecing to together piece by piece. I've been out of the PC bit for a lil while and so I'm not entirely up to date on compatibility problems etc etc etc. Anyhow here's my situation.

I've got a Giga-Byte GA8-SQ800 which supports Dual Channel DDR PC3200

The board is capable of holding up to 4gigs of RAM. But I don't care to go that high just yet.

Anyhow, I'm gettin' ready to purchase RAM for it (Hopefully this weekend)

I would like to go with PC3200 Dual Channel, and I'm trying to figure Which would be best for my application.

The PC is to be a home PC for misc work and gaming. I wish to fill two slots with 512mb sticks for a total of 1gb.

I've been looking at GeIL Dual Channel DDR and Corsair XMS Dual Channel (both PC3200) And as far as a CPU goes I'm lokoing to go with a 3.06ghz Intel. Any input would be appreciated.
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  1. If you are interested is super stability and overclocking... without a doubt I recommend the corsair twinMX 3200... a 1 gig package should do you nicely...

    Geil is fine but don't expect to do too much overclocking with it...

    To err is human... to really screw things up you need a computer!
  2. Great thank you LumberJack.

    Well I'm not exactly planning to overclock right off the bat. But once I get everything up and running .. I may go for it. I'll definitely check into the Corsair TwinMX series then.
  3. No problem. I personally use corsair and I think it's great. For some people the cost is a bit high, but anyone who is interested in a serious system definitely should go with them...

    To err is human... to really screw things up you need a computer!
  4. Oh well definitely. But I don't care about the total cost. Obviously I'm on a budget .. but I wanna do things right the first time, and not have to tear apart my PC every couple months.
  5. good man - i went too cheap the first time a built a system and regretted a lot of the purchases when i turned to overclocking =(

    <A HREF="" target="_new">411 UR 84$E R 8E10NG 2 U$</A>
  6. Well thus far as far as the parts I have purchased, although I've researched the hell out of each one...
    Sonic Case W/350Watt Power Supply
    Giga-Byte GA-8SQ800 mobo
    Sony CDRW
    MSI TI4200 8X (128MB)
    Panasonic FDD

    This weekend I plan on hitting a Computer Fair, where hopefully I can get my memory and if the deals are good I'll get a HDD Which I'd like to go for either something along the lines of Western Digital or Maxtor with an 8MB cache. (Probably 80GB)
  7. hey - is your power supply unit a brand name psu? i'd hate to ruin your well researched plan =(
    if it's not, try it anyway and see how it goes - you may be fine. but usually brand name PSUs are recommended (antec, enermax, PC power and cooling are the 3 names i think of) for better overclocking (you know you're getting good power on each rail), and so you know they won't blow on you. a blown power supply can fry your whole system! the chances of that happening are very slim, no doubt, but i thought i should tell ya

    <A HREF="" target="_new">411 UR 84$E R 8E10NG 2 U$</A>
  8. Well hey no worries on raining on my parade. I just double-checked the power supply to make sure I could give you an accurate scoop. It's a Turbolink 350 Watt PSU.

    Atleast for now, the plan is with the new information. I'm going to buy enough to have a good bang for the buck, not to mention something that won't be obsolete by the time I build it.

    Stability is a big priority, but I think that with the equipment I'm getting, that the stock settings will be fine for the get go, then before I even contemplate overclocking, I've had my eye on the enermax or Antec PS's

    Afterall, that's why I'm here, to pick your brains, seeing as how it's been probably 10 years since I've actually built a computer (Last PC was a 486DX50). Also, with luck and a couple computer fairs .. I figure that I'll be able to possibly buy a new power supply if the price of the processer is good enough for me.

    But definitely, a reputible PS before I OC

    HEy no probs. What you might think is useless information might be total brilliance to me LOL
  9. If you go with Antec's get the True Power PSU. It has separate dedicated transformers for each of the rails instead of 1 transformer for all 3 as is the case with most PSU's. Another thing with the True Power is the Smart fan set up. It has 2 leads out of the PSU to thermally control the case fans. Fans spin at low RPM's giving you a super quiet box. I used to have my box sound like a helicopter under my desk until I got this PSU. Now I can't hear under there. If heat is detected coming through the PSU it will increase the fans RPM's accordingly. I've been running this setup since Nov. & have yet to hear the fans kick on higher speeds. I also have a super cool case. Just thought I'd give you that info. I got the 430 w True Power PSU. Actually check out the Antec <A HREF="" target="_new"> 1080 AMG </A> (my case) because the PSU itself is on the high side. When you buy the case it comes with the PSU & isn't a lot more. The case is a real nice case to work in also.

    If it ain't broke, take it apart & see why not!

    Well I'll defintely put that on my list of "STUFF" to check out when it comes time for me to start purchasing. As you can see from what I am going to put into the system, I don't think I should have any problmes with the PSU in the beginning.

    I plan to be running stock until I can beef up the 'support' so to speak with a PSU, and ensure that I have adequate cooling.

    Currently in my case, I have 1 exhaust fan, and 2 intake fans throughout the case.
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