Windows 7 Blue screen crashing and reseting

Hey guys. Just bought a new computer, i5-3570K, win7 64 bit, 8GB ram, Gigabyte 7850, Gigabyte z77-d3h. For some reason, for the last few days, two days after it arrived, i get random blue screens saying something about shutting down to prevent damage. It happens when nothing is running, only on desktop, it happens when I play BF3, it happens while I watch youtube, while just serfing the internet, in the mid of the night, etc. Dosn't seem to have a good reason to reset. I am really sick of it.
I removed the overclocking I did to the CPU, and it dosn't seem to help one bit.
Can anyone please help me with this?
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  1. Check to make sure the RAM is ok.

    Download the latest version of this:
  2. The Download - Pre-Compiled Bootable ISO (.zip) button?
    Or something alse? :)
  3. Cause 1. To start with, you should check all your hardware. A loose connection somewhere or a faulty piece of hardware could be the reason, the computer keeps rebooting itself. In case your RAM stick is not fitted properly, or is corrupt, the computer displays an error message on the screen and keeps rebooting itself. The same problem occurs with a hard disk.

    Cause 2. A different way to tackle the problem of ‘computer keeps blue screening and rebooting itself’, would be to restart your computer in the Safe Mode. Allow the computer to boot fully and let your windows operating system load fully. Now, if your computer keeps rebooting itself even in the safe mode, there is a problem either with the operating system or hardware. And if your computer is not rebooting itself in safe mode, the problem is related to certain software.

    Cause 3. You computer could be blue screening on it’s own if you have installed improper drivers. Right click on the ‘My Computer’ icon, and click on ‘Properties’ from the menu list which appears. A new window will open. Select the ‘Hardware’ tab, and click on ‘Device Manager’. A list will be displayed on the screen in which you will have to check all categories. Is you see any red or yellow warning icons, make sure you update that particular driver from the internet.Anyway,that's about all i can think of hope you get it all worked out good luck!
  4. Downloaded and installed, now what? Boot from that thingy?
  5. taltool24198 said:
    Downloaded and installed, now what? Boot from that thingy?
    Yes reboot your computer. If Memtest does not automatically boot, go into the BIOS and change the CD drive to be the first to boot.

    2. Memtest will immediately start testing as soon as it boots. No attendance is needed.

    3. Let it run until at least 7 passes are completed, or errors are found (whichever comes first). The longer you run it, the better.

    Seven passes will take several hours, depending on your amount of RAM. It is advised to leave it running overnight.
  6. What BSOD error message did you get?
  7. bigcyco1, thank you SO much for your help. I will do that asap. RIght now re-installing all of my programs. And it's not drivers, checked that.
    gamerk316, I dont remember exactly but something like windows is shutting down to prevent damage......
    This can be caused from hardware or software, please remove any newly installed software from your computer. Doin it now.
  8. No problem your very welcome!I will check back in with you later to see if you solved the problem i am off to work.
  9. User mode software CAN'T cause a BSOD; its either a driver, or hardware.

    Without knowing the error code, its really impossible to debug a BSOD properly...
  10. Did you ever sort it out ?
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