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Will Windows 7 Work on a Dell Dimension 4700?

Three years ago I gave my wife my Dimension 4700 (520, 2GB ram, XFX 9600GT video, XP Pro). For her use of internet news research, MSN games, online banking/shopping and email, it's fine for her. I was toying with trying Windows 7 on there because I've heard other folks talk about successfully installing it on older hardware. Anyone done this on a 4700?

I can ghost her machine and try 7 from my MSDN, the return to the original image if it fails. Just wanted to save the grief if someone else has tried it already.

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    Yup... should install and run just fine.
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  3. The_Prophecy said:
    Yup... should install and run just fine.

    runing dell 4700 windows 7 ultimate- 3gigs of ram- 2.8 processor, built in 128-g-card, runs just as good as any new budget pc you will buy at. $400 bucks.
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