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hello !
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  1. hello ! sir

    my laptop was stollen of acer brand and i got mac address from company, so now can you please tel me how to trace laptop wih the help of mac address ? is there any software ?? please help me and do needfull

    thanks & regards
  2. It's not possible to track a laptop only using the MAC address. It's only possible if the laptop is on the same network. Did you have any tracking software installed on the laptop prior to the theft? It's only possible to track the laptop with the IP address, which you are very unlikely to know. If you really are desperate to find it, see if some of the online services you are using (Steam etc.) are willing to help you if the thief hasn't uninstalled it.
  3. Call the cops and report it stolen. Only recourse.
  4. call your local law enforcement authority and notify them, ask for their help. provide proof of ownership when asked.
    you can also inform your local acer support and ask them if they can help you. again, provide proof of ownership to verify you as the legitimate owner.
    if you have some kind of gps software or lo-jack software you could try tracking it. or if you have some kind of remote desktop software, you could try connecting to it if it's connected to the internet.
    it's very difficult to track using mac address. mac address depends on the device used to connect to the internet. mac addresses are easy to change. it even changes if a different kind of networking device/lan card (other than the one built into the laptop) is used to connect. imo your best way is with the law enforcement. good luck.
  5. hello sir i have lost my valuable degree with dell laptop how can i trace it by mac add.
  6. missing of my laptop bag along with dell model black clocour
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