What are the differences between Branded oem/Oem

Currently building a computer for someone and i had a question that i didnt really know how to answer

i was going to buy this version of Windows7

but he came across this copy http://www.softwaresupplygroup.com/microsoft-windows-7-home-premium-64bit-oem-gfc-00599.html and was wondering why there's the price difference, i wanted to attempt to explain it but wasnt completely sure how too.
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  1. BRanded OEM are tied to MOBOs manufactured for specific OEM companies (ie. DELL, HP) where there is specific code included in the MOBO BIOS that checks for that OEMs specific code and you may have problems activating and\or installing it on a non OEM MOBO since that code will not be present (there are methods of bypassing but whether their use is legal or not is debatable) -- these disks were sold by MS for that specific OEM at a discount and usually purchased by a secondary market (ie. system refurbisher that bought thousands of non working systems to repair\part out and sell in the secondary market and those came with the OS installed but many of them were never used since the system it was on was parted out for example) -- so at that point is the license still "LEGAL" to use ? (Depends on your interpretation of the MS EULA and MS's willingness to activate the product.)

    SO whether to purchase a branded OEM version depends on your willingness to chance it working or having problems activating for the $ saved
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