Wireless drops every 6-8 hours


I'm hoping someone can help me, my wireless network disconnects every 8 - 10 hours, if I connect ethernet I do not lose connection, but whenever it drops the network itself shows unavailable in the network list for 30ish seconds. Event viewer shows

Dhcp has received network hint 259636F6 for the Network Card with the network address
with a logged event ID of 50067

my modem is a Motorola SBG6580

It's been happening consistently for about 8 months now. . . anyone know what the error relates too or what the culprit could be?

Win7 64bit
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  1. That sounds like a ISP issue. You should call your ISP and have them check out the connection quality at your home. A noisy line could cause disconnections and that could be fixed by your ISP by fine tunning your connection. That may cause a slight drop in your connection speed but will certainly stop the disconnections from happening. I had a similar issue at home, my connection speed dropped from 10Mbps to abaout 8.5Mbps but the line is stable now.
  2. Could just be a crappy wireless cable modem, or perhaps one that's failing. Some wireless devices are just better than others. And some might work better in one environment than another.

    It's also possible you're encountering interference on the same freq/channel. I would use something like inSSIDer and see what's around. But that only accounts for other wifi signals. It could be some non-wifi devices causing problems, like a cordless phone, microwaves, baby monitor, and a hundred other devices that share the freq. In that case you’d need a spectrum analyzer.

    If the cable company supplied the device, insist they replace it. Or worst case, you could try using a different wireless AP and disable the one on the Motorola.
  3. The power levels at my modem are pretty good, so i cant see that being the issue

    Rx Pwr: -0.4a
    Tx Pwr: 46.5
    SNR: 40.2

    I haven't completely ruled out the modem itself as the issue, but considering the consistency of the disconnect (i can sometimes time it to within a few minutes every 6 hours) I have to assume its not being caused by interference. Thank you for the replies on it, I suppose swapping the modem out is my only option at this point?
  4. As I said, if the cable company supplied the device, I would insist on a swap, esp. after 8 months! No way I would have tolerated the situation that long.
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