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Hi guys, I have three XP machines that keep loosing their mapped drives on a Win 7 64 bit fileserver. I have exhausted any avenues that I can come up with. I know its staring me in the face but I just don't see it. Any input at all would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
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  1. you could create a .bat file with a script to mount the mapped drives and put it in the startup folder...
  2. nhasian, unfortunately I tried that. I seems that the mapping is fine on a reboot ( with or without the .bat) but it will get dropped all of the sudden after being fine for two or three days. The quickest fix i have found is rebooting the Win7 fileserver. They all come back fine after that. There is no ryme or reason as to how long they stay connected...Thank you for the input!
  3. do you use xp pro or the family one
  4. They are all pro, fully updated.
  5. then i would try to recreate the full network on the xp mobo and in the server
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