D-Link Airplus 520+ & Windows 8

So I have a old Wireless D-Link card. I downloaded the drivers (they stopped updating them a while ago so latest supported seems to be Win XP, but I have seen threads where they got it working on 7)

I installed the driver than the card, no dice. Than tried the opposite way, still no dice.

In hardware Manager I have a unknown device, No drivers are found for it bla bla bla. The driver is installed on my PC. When I try to access the driver it says no card connected.

I only have 1 old PCI port on my Mobo, rest are PCI Express 2. The card itself seems to be functional, windows does see the card is there, just stuck on stupid on what to do with it. The green light does turn on.

I got windows 8 64 Bit.

I cant afford to go out and get a new wireless adapter, I do have 1 usb adapter, but its not accessible at the moment, and will remain so for the unforeseeable future.

Any Ideas?

(I would run a wired connection, I like those much better for gaming but I dont have a long enough cord and again am trying not to spend any money.)
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  1. Maybe there is no 64 bit driver for your D-Link card because it is so old.
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