Does anyone else find Wikipedia...

Does anyone else find Wikipedia hard to understand?

With me liking computers, I try and find the best reliable links possible. Each time I ask someone where can I find reliable information on something computer related, they always direct me to Wikipedia. I've tried on many occasions to read some Wikipedia articles on computers and always end up getting brain cramp. Today for example, I decided to read about pipelining. I thought I would check out Wikipedia to see whether or not I could understand it... I couldn't. :heink: Then, I decided to go back on Google and searched for "What is pipelining?", and after searching through a fair few links, I found the perfect one. Nice diagrams and easy to understand. I managed to learn a little bit about pipelining easily.

So what I'm getting as is: does anyone else find it hard to understand Wikipedia? Is it only for intelligent literate people? :pfff:
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  1. Is your native language English? I use Wikipedia as a starting location and go from there, sources are generally listed at the bottom of a well written Wikipedia article. When I looked up nanotubes, molecular computing, light computing, and other difficult topics that I was not very familiar with, I got a headache from the terms because the articles were written by people who worked in these fields and knew the jargon well. Not every article is intended for beginners or experts, it depends on who wrote it. But again it is a great starting place for any topic to give you a general outline of the topic and then go from there. Hope I helped a little
  2. My native language is English, yes. I'm from England.

    Anyway, the only time I understand Wikipedia is when I was reading about DDR and QDR. At first I read an article on DDR on a website called Hardwaresecrets(not sure if you know that website or not). Hardwaresecrets explained it really well and easy with diagrams, then I went on Wikipedia after and understood it better than I did before. Maybe it has something to do with me not doing so good in school? I had dyslexia when I was in primary school and I was in all the bottom classes in high school(I only did 2 years with no grades). I admit though, I have improved on my reading since then. I use Google Chrome for the spell checker and a Google Chrome dictionary extension so I can understand words better. It's just difficult to try and find information on how stuff works that is laid out easy and simple.
  3. Even I have the same problem and I’m glad to meet another like me. Sometimes I understand the facts from Wikipedia but most of the time I don’t get it.
  4. I have a lot of friends in the same boat as us, mate. We've just got to find better internet information resources.
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