The best cooler (Athlon)

I have an athlon XP 2000 but the cooler that I have makes to much noise, Iam not looking to overclock my PC I want something that is quiet but does the cooling job fine.
Thanx in advance
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  1. Picking a new cooler is a fairly easy matter...

    In general, any hybrid cooler (copper bottom, aluminum fins) with a thermal resistence of .6 or less is going to give you adequate cooling. Within that specification look for low numbers for the noise level, expressed in DB (decibells).

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  2. You will just need to replace the fan. Sanyo-Denki fan are high quality and very quite. It is use by Intel for retail CPU.
  3. Changing the fan is another option... provided the new fan moves at least as much air as the old one. If you reduce the airflow by more than a couple of percent the temperature's going to start creeping up.

    --->It ain't better if it don't work<---
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