Windows 7 Taskbar Icons Moving for IE 9 only

I have Windows 7 64. I have various programs 'pinned' to the taskbar, and this works great. However, if I have more than one Internet Explorer 9 window open, they often rearrange at random. The other open program icons stay in the same order, it's just within the IE9 windows that they get rearranged.

For example, My Documents icon is the left most, then IE9 window 1, IE9 window 2, IE9 window 3, then a Word document window. If/when I go into one of the IE9 windows it will rearrange the order: I will still have My Documents on the left, but then IE9 window 2, IE9 Window 3, and IE9 window 1, and then the Word document will still be on the right. These IE9 Windows will randomly get rearranged throughout the day. I use these for work and would like to keep them in the same order. Ideas??
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