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Hey all, I need a program that I can install on Win 7 that will allow me to switch/bring to front a specific window ?
Like, Ctrl+alt+# would bring up a window etc.

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  1. Atleast something that will click at an x/y position on the screen at the press of a button/s ?
  2. ... If I'm reading this right, you want to use keystrokes to "click" an area on the screen?

    There are ways to do it, but alas, young grasshopper, this is one answer I do not have readily available.
    I've seen it down, though, it wasn't easy
    Basically, it requires a bit of coding know-how. I don't know the commands (nor do I know if they'd work in Win7), but they are out there, and require knowing the positioning of cursor almost down to the pixel.
  3. Otherwise, judging by your initial posting, it sounds like you're looking to open programs/windows using keystrokes, which is much simpler.

    Right-click any of the shortcuts you have (most likely on the desktop) and go to the properties menu (assuming you have administrative rights here). There will be a section where you can put in a "Shortcut Key" command. Go there, choose your keystrokes, and viola! Open windows without that damn cursor getting away from you!
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