Faster RAM or more RAM ?

I'm intirested in building a new command line gaming server running Linux and maybe up to five Quake3 game engine games all at once (Note: Most likly only one or two games would be filled at any one time).

Should I go for the faster ram on a fast motherboard like 1GB of PC3500 or should I get 2GB of older PC133 ram? Even if you think I need more of the faster ram in this example the question remains... faster ram or more ram?

I'm am more intirested in stability and not overclocking.
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  1. Big difference between pc133 and pc3500.....

    In fact, isnt pc133 the 168pin and pc3500 the 184pin?

    Either way, you dont need alot of memory. I do everything on my computer and never use my 512mb. 1gb is alot of memory...

    Id honestly go for the faster memory.
  2. Yes I know there is a big difference in speed.... thats why I'm asking asking the question "Faster or More". I'm not asking for technical specs, I just wanted to know what other opinions where... would around 1GB of fast ram or 3GB of slaower ram be better when running so many large proceses at the same time. I used to run two Id games on one server, both used about 192MB of ram when the games where in limited use.... if I'm running five games and two or three get busy I will need much more than 512MB ram....
  3. I say go with faster ram... DDR smokes regular SD any day... and duall DDR will kick but... DDR now is cheap no name pc 3200 sells for about 110$ CDN... If you want a stable system.. get a duall ddr and stick some pc 3200 in there... get as much as you can afford...

    You planning on going dualie? intel or amd?

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