XP partition prob. What did I do ?

OK, Dont ask why or how, but I had to install Win 98 first too install XP over it. " Dont ask I said" Anyway.. somewhere along the way I Partitioned by accident. I have a 40 gig HD, but I have 20 in my " C " drive. And I have another 20 " unused ". But the partition wont let me connect and make a full 40 gig " C ". Ive dabbled with the command prompt thing but it wont let me do what I wanna do? Any thoughts?

Athlon XP 1.7 @ 1602 ghz
EpOx 8KHA+/ WIN XP pro
PNY/Verto GeForce4 Ti 4600 @ 320x710
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  1. Ok.

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  2. Quote:
    <font color=green>OK, Dont ask why or how, but I had to install Win 98 first too install XP over it. " Dont ask I said"</font color=green>

    Okay, I won't ask why. I can take a hint.

    <font color=green>Any thoughts?</font color=green>

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    Why don't you just boot the system with a Win98 startup disk? Then run FDISK, and delete the Logical, Extended, and Primary DOS partitions, in that order. Then create a Primary DOS partition, reboot with the WinXP CD, format the partition, and install the operating system.

    Note: You'll have to change the boot sequence in the BIOS for this to work. First to the floppy drive, and then to the CD-ROM. When the installation is complete, change the first bootable device to the hard drive.

    If you just want to just install WinXP, format with the installation CD, instead of with the DOS FORMAT command on the startup disk. Otherwise, you'll have problems converting to NTFS later, if you so desire.

    If the installation CD is an upgrade disk, it will ask for verification that you own a previously purchased, licensed version of an older OS ... so there is no need to install Win9x just to get WinXP on the hard drive. Just have the installation CD with Win98 handy when you install WinXP.

    Note: When creating FAT32 partitions with the WinXP CD, there is a 32GB size limit, which is why I suggested using a Win98 startup disk to make the partitions in the first place. There is no similar <i>format</i> limitation if the partition(s) are already on the disk.


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  3. Partion Magic 7.0 works great with XP.


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  4. I managed to trash an installation of xp with Partition magic 7 recently - on a dual boot disk with one FAT32 (Win98SE) partition and one NTFS partition.

    I don't know what happened, just doing a normal move and resize but when I rebooted XP - big problem.

    There seems to be a strange 8MB block just after the end of the XP boot partition that should be left alone (FDISK refuses to delete it) - so I wonder if PM7 did something bad to this.

    I was able to recover all files in the partition, thru the windows recovery console (I think), but couldn't make it bootable again. So had to format and reinstall.

    I was so surprised... until now PM has been 100% foolproof and reliable for me - it wouldn't let me do anything dumb, even though I'm real smart at doing dumb stuff. Guess I beat it good this time, though :(

  5. I too had the 8MB block when I used XP setup to partion to 40's on my 80 gig drive. It was FAT32, but deleted the partions and repartioned and formated to NTFS.....still the 8MB was there. I then said screwit and told setup to blow away the partions and format as one big drive (NTFS). Once XP was installed I used PM7 to resize the drive and partion to 2 40 gigs again.....no 8MB......everything working fine. Could be some XP partion bug ?


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  6. It's definately not a bug; that much I can tell you. Windows 2000 does the same thing. I'm sure Toe can explain exactly why it isn't a bug, because I can't remember myself what that 8MB is used for.. hehe.

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