I need help

i installed windows 7 ultimate 64 bit on my i7 920 computer i just got

and notice that on the toolbar you see Explor folder and media player pinned and one of the cool tricks i love about windows 7 is that if you minimize the media player and highlight the media player on the tool bar you can see the video but for some reason it doesn't do that all i can see is play pause forward and backward
while the explorer says title of the tab box not the window box of the explorer and when i right click properties to check preview the desktop with aeropeek
it's clicked and checked but i have no access to it

did i install windows 7 wrong??

i want to be able to highlight the media player and have small box of what im watching previewing playing on the mini box and when i highlight the explorer i wanna see box views not summary or title of each tabs
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  1. Well first off what media player are you using?

    Winamp only shows me the main section with the controls but I don't watch video's in that. VLC gives me a little window complete with the video I'm watching playing in it. Doesn't sound like you messed up the install just sounds like it's the media player.
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