Dell XPS 12 unable to connect to wifi!!

I am using a Dell XPS 12 on Windows 8 Pro and I am unable to connect to my house's wifi. However I am able to connect to my iphone's personal hotspot. is it probably my house's wireless is not compatible with Windows 8 Pro? I have searched for drivers but to no avail. Help anyone? :(
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  1. I have Win 8, Win 7, Vista, and XP computers all connected to my wireless router (wirelessly). So that is not the problem in your setup.

    Proceed the old fashioned way by setting up a new connection in Network Center (Control Panel). Then search for wireless networks, locate your network, and connect using the required security pass-phrase.
  2. just experienced the craziest thing ever.
    got a brand new xps 12 and a brand new nexus 4.
    every time i tried to connect to the hotspot set up with the nexus i got a bluescreen
    (very nasty!!!! you expect the cutting edge hardware to have not troubles performing last year's technology.)

    anyways, i resolved the issue following istructions given here:

    - Device Manager
    - Network adapters
    - Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6230 (your wireless card)
    - Advanced
    - Wiress Mode
    - 2. 802.11b

    maybe the reason fot this issue also applies to your problem (even though my issues were exactly the other way around...)
    hope this helps.
    cheers rujoal
  3. Your router has WPS button?
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