How to set set up a commercial wireless internet business

I am a young entrepreneur in Ghana who wants to enter into the business of setting up a public wireless internet access to university campuses, market areas and most public areas. I need advice on how to set this up.
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  1. Kwaku,
    Your information is incomplete.
    You need to find out
    1) how many users will be on that network.
    2) what kind of wireless routers you are going to use. (The wireless router resellers will be more then happy to give you information on what kind of routers and range you will get)
    3) what is your budget.
    4) What kind of security.
    5) what kind of building material is used in the construction of the college? How much signal can go through the walls.

    If you are planning to lets say just have wifi in a small cafateria, then all you need is a wireless router and internet connection and set it up.

    You need to give as much information as you possibly can before someone can even attempt to answer your question.
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